Our Story

Bloemfontein has a special place in our hearts but our entrepreneurial streak is what drives us to fill gaps in the market – after all, we want the best for this city! Our Faba journey began with a lot of research into roasters which led us to ordering one weighing 150 kg straight from China. Whilst waiting for delivery we honed our skills, experimented with espresso makers and gleaned knowledge from as many sources as possible.

The meaning of Faba, is “beans” in Latin and as soon as we made that discovery, creativity flowed effortlessly. We formed the brand, sourced our first beautiful beans from Malawi and began roasting. Visitors, friends, anyone passing by all received free coffee as our passion grew and our commitment to the business deepened. We ordered packaging, stickers, bags, beans…. we commissioned somebody to make our excellent stall. We were ready for our first market and that of course had to be the Boermarket.

The product was absolutely perfect, and we got such a buzz serving people good quality coffee and seeing how they loved it. It was busy but we enjoyed working under pressure, motivated by the thrill of providing a speciality in a marketplace where nobody else was offering it.

The incredible way in which the palate develops allowed us to have cupping sessions become a part of our lifestyle, we have learnt to pick out the nuances between a first and third sip. We are currently experimenting with cold brews (twenty hours wait each time!) and we can taste the differences between a brew made with a paper filter and one made with stainless steel – basically, our business is addictive and we love it. Since those first days we’ve sourced beans from Cameroon and the Congo we’ve started supplying local cafés. Faba Roastery’s coffee sells itself – once people taste something special they buy in. We’ve done a variety of events, including a 24 hour mountain bike race where we literally served coffee for 24 hours! It didn’t feel like work: doing something new is energising. We hope to have inspired you with our story. If you have an idea bubbling away, come chat to us over a cup of Faba coffee one day – we’d like to hear your story too. We’re passionate about our product, our quality of service, our mobility and our city. The future is looking ‘Fabalous’!